The Best Internet Business Opportunities That You Can Do While Sleeping

If you are looking to leave your office job and join the millions which chase internet business opportunities from the comfort of their own homes, you might want to read this article. We list the top 5 internet business opportunities of 2017.


Microtasking is one of the most overlooked online business opportunities since people think that it can’t bring revenue and is very time-consuming but we beg to differ – it offers you a chance to get a taste of making business online and doesn’t require too much attention. Mainly, microtasking is heavily outsourced and you could find your opportunity easily whether it be in finding stock images, copy-pasting, mindless clicking or answering questionnaires.


Selling art online

If you are a visual artist, this one is for you. Moving a very offline idea to the digital world can be your own digital business opportunity. All you need to do is create merchandise around your art. Think of coffee mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps etc. printed with your design and sold via your web-site or even your social media handles. It could lead to a boost in popularity as well as an increase of your internet business opportunities.

Drop shipping

This internet business opportunity offers you the possibility to earn revenue by selling other peoples products on your web-site without any involvement or risk. Basically, the product vendor is responsible for everything – shipping, billing, service etc and you just earn revenue from commissions.


App reviews

If you think that you are a tech-savvy person and you enjoy testing out new applications that have just hit the marketplaces, then you are very likely to be able to post reviews on the apps you have tried and tested. So you might as well do it for the extra money. Reviewing apps is one of the hottest online business opportunities even for people who are committed to their 9 to 5 jobs. In a world where the online competition is fierce, app publishers will be eager to pay for someone to organically boost their sales by writing a review on an app.

Virtual assistant

The next internet business opportunity you can start on is to providing virtual assistance to digital entrepreneurs. Your responsibility will be to perform assigned tasks that your employer considers to be time-consuming, irrelevant or maybe fruitless.

In a world where the economy is slowly but surely shifting to the World Wide Web, there are tons of internet business opportunities you can take on. The only thing that you have to do is find your interests and start working on earning revenue online.